Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Week Results!

Hey all, the weekly results are in and I'm not necessarily impressed with this first data run of the week. Although yesterday I did do some tweaking to my spreadsheet, made a few adjustments and also dipped into another market to help with deposit spending.

Here are my profits for the week, graphed for convenience, noticing that only Monday and Saturday were the only days above a thousand gold for the days duration of selling.

You'll notice this graph also looks different from my previous posts graph, in that Sunday I had a lost instead of a high gain. I had decided after looking at my graph that the previous placement of the "collection" was inaccurately place on the day of the earnings. The "collection" should be placed in the day that the earnings had been actually attained.

This through off my revenue quite a bit, why would I use the profits from technically the previous day in the current day? The correct answer is that you can't. The collection is really the profits of the previous days duration of sales so;therefore, the collection is added to your starting capital by placing it in the previous day.

I feel better about it now, if I had looked at it more carefully I wouldn't have asked: How do I know how much I've collected before I've sold anything? Better late then never I suppose.

So here are the details:

So, Sun day I spent around 834g in deposits, the next day I collected around 767.5 gold in sales which gave me a lost for that day. Then, I'm assuming because I re-posted everything on Sunday, (high duration, undercutting the competition) I didn't have much in deposits on Mon, and on Tuesday I collected over twelve hundred gold in sales.

Up until around Friday I had not been canceling my auctions at all, I just let them run their course. Which is contrary to what I'm used to, but I wanted to see how much re-posting effected my profit gains. (And it was easier to record) Now, I have a nice system going, understanding the excel program a little better, so I'm looking to tweak more areas of my market, do more frequent re-posting and branch out into a couple different markets.

I've already told you that I mostly dabble in the leveling gear market. Buying and selling level 77-80 and level 83-84 gear. I took a look at level 85 and level 86-89 level gear as well, and started buying them up as of Friday too.(You can tell by looking at my purchases tab =P)

Friday I had to re-post everything so their wasn't much of a profit (180g), I had bought some items as well, but the profit on Saturday really made up for it. (1454.8g)

I even gotten on my jewelcrafter on Friday and I'm getting familiar with gem market. I haven't sold any yet, but it's only been a day or two. I'm worried about it though, because the time that I have to actually post auctions is limited, I'm not sure if I will be able to keep up with the competitors in the gem market. Which is why I chose leveling gear in the first place, with its high duration auctions, good return, and the fact that hardly anyone on my realm sells them in bulk like I do. Though, I need another market that is volatile to help with the high deposits I have to deal with too.

So, I'm working on it; I think things are going well, but a bit slow. Meh. =/ By the way, Underminedjournal is where I found out what are good items to sell as far as gems. It can show you cut gem/un-cut gem prices and displays it in a visual chart with a nice color legend for convenience. Not only that but you can even check on your competitors for what days and times they post the most using their character search, they have a chart for daily productivity.

The weeks total collection for the week was 8,636g 81s 62c(13.37% increase from my initial capital on Sunday);I spent a total of 2,842g 33s 34c (32.91% of total collection) in deposits for the week; spent 1317g 27s 62c(15.25% of total collection) in purchases; Netting a profit of 4477g 20s 66c(51.84% of total collection) for the week.

Out of that, I see that the weeks collection paid for itself and still made a couple thousand this week. Although, based on my capital, the 13% increase is a bit small and I'd like to see that raised.

Well, that's it for me guys, I'll see ya when I post the mid week results on Wednesday. Deuces!


P.S: End day totals Graph:


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