Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mid week results!

Hey all,

So I have some data graphs to share, nothing to fancy, but I might have gone overboard on the details. I'm quite happy with my table, so I hope you enjoy:

Date Sun, May 19, 13 Mon, May 20, 13 Tues, May 21, 13 Wed, May 22, 13 Thru, May 23, 13 Fri, May 24, 13 Sat, May 25, 13
Pre-posting Phase 61766.8188 63767.5925 64440.4977
.0000 .0000 .0000
Post Posting Phase 60932.8923 63738.7878 64416.5632

Deposits 833.9265 28.8047 23.9345 .0000 .0000 .0000 .0000
Collection 2834.7002 767.5999 1217.2219

Purchases .0000 65.8900 73.9647

Profits 2000.7737 672.9052 1119.3227 .0000 .0000 .0000 .0000
Ending Total 63767.5925 64440.4977 65559.8204 .0000 .0000 .0000 .0000

Auctions 284.0000 276.0000 281.0000

Total Value of Auctions 126067.3544 124827.3007 119684.0446

Profits to TVA% .0225 .0061 .0102

I took the first day data at 1:30 am on Monday, so its technically for Sunday, the chart says Mon-sunday...its actually Sunday-saturday. sorry about that.

 So at the initial start, my profits are pretty high, an after thought occurred though about the fact that those profits had a good 2 days to accumulate. That being said, its not likely for that to be a daily average, but with only being 2 to 3 days in to the first week back, who's to say?

I even went as far as to calculate my deposits and purchases. Where the first day was 833g just deposits alone for 284 auctions. The next day the deposits expenditure was a fraction of that, with about 25% profit for the day.

To add, I caluated how much my stock was being sold, based on the collection for the day to the total value of all my auctions. The first day, approximately 2% of all my auctions were sold, 2nd didn't even yield 1%, while today I sold 1%.

I can't wait to see what happens in the next few days, should be pretty interesting. I mostly sell level gear 77-80 and 83-84, so my auction duration is usually 48 hours. I've already seen a trend of every two day my profits jump, but it might be too soon for that to be accurate.

Well that's it for me all, I'd love to hear some feedback to see what you guys think. Dueces!


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