Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Post objectives:

  • Talk about what I do at the auction house per session 
  • Discussion on Addons
  • Markets

My Routine:

My day usually starts quite late, around 4pm or whenever I get off work and ends around 11pm preferably. (This differs day to day) I do all my posting, re-posting, purchasing new items, and market research within this time frame. This doesn't include days (like today) I'm off from work.

So, I have WoW open, along with my handy dandy excel program. Check the mail first, gather up any expired auctions or any coin, and proceed to AH for posting. After my old auctions are posted I do multiple scans of the AH using TSM(later) and its deal finding program.

The list(s) I predominantly use from this are for my leveling gear market. Although, I have been known to use it for a quick look at the DMC or trade good markets from time to time. It has been by far the easiest way to find cheap items to flip and all at the push of a button. XD

Up until this point, I've been solely into the leveling gear market. So my routine was quite easy with 48 hr durations, after two days - repost - easy.

Now with the new markets, I'll discuss this later, I've been constantly busy with re-posting which is necessary in some markets to keep up with competitors. The leveling gear market doesn't  have the competition that really requires me to re-post more often than once every day, if even that. (On my realm)

Though, now that I'm branching off into other, more volatile, markets I'm finding that duration is something that you have to tweak, depending on the market. Otherwise you'll be spending way too much on deposits, esp. if you have to re-post before the duration is up.

That's my day in a nut shell, so to speak. Post, buy, research, re-post, rinse/repeat.
My Addons:

  • TSM (TradeSkillMaster
  • ArkInventory
  • BeanCounter

There's a really impressive guide on TSM by Raenboe here with a part two here.

TSM Download

I personally love the addon, It's easy to use and extremely customizable. Although, first thing I did do was create a macro " /s TSM" to toggle the main screen for convenience.Along with this addon you can get TSM Application which is a database of all the auction houses - all factions - all realms, with real-time data. You never have to scan the AH again!

The Application has its own client and allows you to choose your realm and faction from a list. You can have up to five different databases at one time for you cross-realm farmers. :)

ArkInventory is neat little addon too, it consolidates your bags into one window and allows you to have full customization of it. Like in the picture, I have my metal, stones, gems and elemental materials in there own spaces. I even separated raw gems from cut gems for added convenience.

My main bag is empty, that's because I just did a re-post! :)

I also have BeanCounter. TSM has a similar addition that is like it, but I like the visuals of beancounter for auction house use. I suppose its just preference.

That's pretty much all I use. TSM does so much that I don't really need much more than that.
New Markets:

So, In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to get into the gem market. Well, I was in luck, one of my buddies decided they were dropping out the of game and gave me enough ore to prospect out some gems and I cut them with my JC'er. No real news on that yet, I haven't seen anything really sell from that. Which is why I'm so glad I didn't have to buy into it, so my hat is off to him. Sorry to see you go, and thank you.

I went on Undermined News Journal - very good site I definitely recommend it- to take a look at what gems to cut. I said it in my last post, but they have a very nice chart for cut gems that compares their price to their uncut counterpart and even shades it in with yellow or red if its 3x more than what the uncut is selling, or blue for just lower than the raw gem. Very useful.

So I got into that, also purchased a few more 86-89 leveling gear items. Those have been selling pretty nicely lately. Plus its just a branch off on the system I already have, which is also nice.

On the subject of leveling gear. I must have missed something with 1h caster weapons, wands and off-hands because I'm just now realizing their all worthless, haha! So, need-less-to-say, I did away with all of those, disenchanting them to lessen my loses. Another tid-bit about Caster plate, which is just plate armor with Intellect. There is only one class, and with that only one specialization of one class that can use this. Holy paladins. Last I checked, they're not leveling up as holy. Can they? Maybe. Will they? Not likely.

So, lesson learned, purchase items you know would sell. If anything that have more potential to BE sold.

I like looking at like a poker hand. I wouldn't play with a hand that didn't have a good potential to win the pot. I'm not going to buy something with a little to no chance of selling, that would keep me farther from my ultimate goal. Making Gold.

Another market I actually did some farming in to try, low level gems. These gems are in pretty high demand for profession levelers and no one on the realm farms nearly enough of the ore to get them. I've been selling gems like tigerseye and malachite for around 10g a piece. Which is pretty decent I'd say.

We'll see how that goes and where it might take us.

That's it for me guys, see you tomorrow for mid week results. Dueces!


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