Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Aftermath

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So suffice to say I've noticed a complete decrease in meta gem profits on my server post-patch. So much so that I've decided to just see if I can sell off the rest of my supply with my current thresholds and hopefully I get lucky. I've noticed a pick up in the 77-80 and 83-84 item market, that being most of my profit for the last week or so, I've continue to buy them, but increased my margin from under 15g a item, to under 65g an item. Then, I sell them for between 245-500g depending on the item (eg. is it cloth, leather, mail or plate? Is it a 1h, 2h, or jewelry?). At first I was just trying it out, hence why I only bought 15g and below items, now I'm confident enough in the market to raise the risk factor a little.

I haven't been posting daily like I said I would, in retrospect I think I set that a little high. I think every couple of days will suffice just fine.

I think in my last post I stated my end day total was right around 42k gold. Currently, with my average sales with leveling gear, fish and the occasional meta as of date, I also sold my Lovebird mount that I've been sitting on for a couple weeks now for around 7500g. So the current total is around 55k ( I don't have WoW up at the moment so this is off of last nights session, so it might be off by a few hundred. Also given the fact that I haven't collected off of today's  profits, so it might be off by a few thousand. At least I hope!)

I have considered more on transmog items, although I'm still not as confident about it on my server. I've sold a few item for a decent profit, some quite amazing really, but only a handful out of the dozens I have bought, so I will continue to monitor it and hopefully I can tell you from experience how much of a money maker it is. No doubt it is a money maker, but for how long and how much can you expect is what I'm trying to answer.

When I bought gear, like the leveling items, I set a personal max buyout of 15g and bought anything below. Selling them at 745g a piece, I think I've made a fair share of gold from it, but I want to see longevity.

Last posts Total: ~42,000 gold
Current Total: ~55,000 gold

Well, that's it from me folks! Deuces!


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Patch Attack


I'm a little late on the update, no rhyme intended, I have been preoccupied with other nonsense in the real world and when I returned to the game the TSM addon needed an update because of the 5.2 patch. I also had a problem with my auction groups, however; this morning I modified them back in order and posted promptly this afternoon.

I don't remember the exact time, but Undermined Journal tells me I had 348 new auctions up around 6:22 pm. I personally don't think it was that late, but who am I to tell them their wrong.

I logged on to my bank alt to take a look at what I had collected so far around 10pm. I was very surprise by the outcome of what apparently was only a few hours. I collected around 3000g from the mail box and there was still around 1500-1595g pending. So 4500 gold for the day, not bad at all. I use some of that gold to buy mats to level my enchanting, so my total for the day is approximately 42,100g at days end. (Still pending ~1000g)

Biggest ticket item of the day was a Seven of Tiger DMC that was sold for nearly 2000g alone and a close second was a Abjurer's Hood that sold for 745g

On a side note, I was looking through my auctioning tab on TSM and noticed the resale tab within that. To my surprise, apparently I bought some lvl 66 warmaul plate shoulders for 7g a couple weeks ago and sold them for over 700g. It must have been when I started doing the transmog market, but that's a 10,000% profit percentage! I hope to have more of those in the future! Deuces!


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